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19th November 2019 Will Cooke
In Artisan Projects

Tricky triangular spaces aren’t uncommon…

Wedging green spaces into urban sprawls is a notorious challenge of many Bristol garden design and build companies. This Redland project exemplified a difficult to access and low maintenance garden. To make sense of the levels, major groundworks and spoil removal were required – taking a sizeable chunk of the budget. We needed to think creatively when it came to materials and so repurposed another common (and low cost) landscaping product; Concrete fencing gravel boards were used as contemporary stepping pavers. A simple, unfussy Oak pergola adds height whilst framing the uniquely shaped vista. Shade-happy plants such as Euphorbia characias, Stipa arundinacea and Erigerion karvinskianus soften the gravel and historic stone walls.


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